Dental Services when living in Scandinavia

Those coming to live in Scandinavia for a longer period of work, accompanying spouse, asylum or studies will notice how dental care is so important and advanced in the region. It’s a stark contrast with the casual attention dental care get in other less developed countries. Dentistry is actually a hot cake profession and only passionate people sign up for it. In short, any keen newcomer to Scandinavia will notice and actually go for  dental services a couple of times in a year. 

In each of the four Scandinavian countries including their offshore territories, hospitals have a specific department that particularly deals with dental infections and care. You will get to meet specialist dentists that perform more advanced procedures like tooth alignment, tooth filling, dental surgery and many more. Of course, dentists work together with other hospital departments like neurologists when performing high risk tooth procedures.

You need to keep regular dental checks when living in the Scandinavia

People often get goose bumps about various health conditions like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses, depression and the likes. In Scandinavia, individuals spend a lot of money on treatment of psychological conditions such as unipolar depressive disorder, bipolar affective disorder, schizophrenia  and more. Unfortunately, some forget about their teeth until it starts aching or becomes too sensitive when biting or eating. 

Get specialised dental checks and advise from a qualified practitioner

Although this can be a debate, lifestyle practices in Scandinavia including heavy smoking and eating foods having too much processed sugar, drinking a lot and more really puts people at  risk of dental illnesses. At the dentist, they will always discourage people from being so overindulging in risk factors like smoking even though they know how much this is a vain attempt. 

Just to be aware, the Scandinavia countries have a dental health plan where children under a certain age get free dental care but adults only get a 60% subsidy for certain treatments. For more details on this, visit

Having a dental insurance as a resident of Scandinavia saves a lot

In Scandinavia,  dental procedures and check-ups are key necessities for both your physical and emotional health. Whether you are the type of person who hates regular dental visits or feels totally accomplished with them, regular trips to the dentists are very necessary. However, they can be very expensive and so you might need some budget savvy means to help you cut down on your dental costs. You must find ways of keeping your teeth healthy while at the same time having happy pockets. 

Your tooth care is a very important component of your wellness and so you must always take note of this. Yes, there is a direct connection between having good oral health and your general wellness. There is just no way that you are going to afford one big hearty smile with an aching tooth, it is not possible. It can be very frustrating since each and every person expects that their teeth were just in a very perfect shape. You must therefore ensure that your tooth care is your primary concern and to maintain good health and hygiene.

Whether you are going for a general dental examination, clean-up, or treatment, dental work is quite costly. Even those dental services considered to be very basic, will definitely cost you a very significant amount and this is why you will surely need dental insurance cover. Once you are able to scoop a comprehensive dental cover then you are able to access your regular dental care comfortably. 

Basic Dental Insurance in Scandinavia

Tooth Care in Scandinavia can be so expensive to pay for out of the pocket. In Denmark for example, the subsidy on dental care basically covers part of the bill only up to 60% then an adult has to pay the balance of 40%. This remainder can be very high in actual value if the specific procedure was a serious and high technical one like dental surgery

The major focus of dental insurance policies is to help you pay for your various dental procedures which would normally cause a painful pinch on your possibly already strained finances. But the type of policy you get will be the determining factor of whether your dental care is partly or fully covered by your insurer. By dental care we basically consider the routine cleaning, planting of implants, treatment, and also X-rays. But, a common understanding remains that dental insurance policies come with lower premiums than we have for health insurance.

Basic dental insurance in Scandinavia

You who are planning a life in Scandinavia, it’s a good idea to prioritise dental care just like your car insurance or utility bills. For tooth corrections like fillings, extractions, and root canal, insurance will go a long way. The same will be helpful for bridging, crowns, implants and gum-disease treatment. 

Dental insurance plan will enlist the insured particulars. It is all upon you as the insured to keenly read and understand the content However, insurers in Scandinavia will always provide you with clarifications if in doubt about anything.  

Dental health insurance cover has to be separate from usual health insurance. It’s because it doesn’t always cover dental services. Therefore, with that in mind, your typical dental health insurance plan is usually broken down into three categories;

  • Preventive care
  • Basic services
  • Major procedures

1. Preventive tooth care Procedures

These types of dental services have been designed to specifically take care of and help in the prevention of oral health issues and all connect to your general wellness. In many instances, the dental plans will be inclusive of the highest level of coverage for any preventive services. Maintenance of healthy gums and teeth automatically lowers your risk to most expensive healthcare services in the future. Your preventive dental health insurance plan will cover for the following tooth care procedures;

  • Your Regular Check-ups and Cleanings
  • X-Rays
  • Semi-annual exams
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Sealants

The services often fall under those fully covered for by dental insurance without any deductibles. What this plainly means is that your dental insurance will cover for every cost without you paying anything more or less.

2. Basic Dental Care Services 

The basic dental health coverage will pay for the costs of all your routinely non-preventive dentalcare service. Most dental health insurers have their plans structured to cover for about 80% of basic dental care procedures. In this case, you will be required to cover for your deductible and any other amount if you surpass annual maximum. This plan mainly covers for basic dental services for instance;

  • Your tooth extractions
  • Tooth fillings
  • Root canals

3. Major Dental Procedures 

Such a service will mainly depend on your dental plan and will be applicable if your dental healthcare insurance plan covers major procedures. However, expect to pay for higher co-payments for such major dental services. Many dental care plans cover ups of 50% of the total cost of major procedures. The uncomfortable bit is that sometimes people wait longer before getting a major procedure performed on them. The major dental procedures are;

  • Dentures
  • Oral surgery
  • Implants
  • Dentures